What comes next? | Humanities

UNSW Sydney

The 21st century has been plagued with one crisis after another – a global pandemic, climate catastrophes, economic turmoil and senseless violence. So how do we equip ourselves for what’s around the corner? To forge our path through this uncertainty, hear from five UNSW Sydney thinkers who are discovering the future of video gaming, the wild west of cryptocurrencies, the dark side of hybrid education and how we could use algorithms to build the cities of the future. Making living cities | John Carr We’ve made momentous advances in technology, transport and architecture, but our blueprint for a city has not changed since the Second World War. So what could our urban hubs of the future look like? Are computer-generated cities in the future | Claire Daniel We trust algorithms to do everything from online shopping to telling us what to eat for dinner, is it time we let them help us build the cities of the future? The future of social gaming | Nathan J Jackson This year, Twitch streamers have watched 6.13 billion hours of video game content… so where is this massive industry heading? And what does the future of gaming look like? The dark forest of cryptocurrency | Tony […]