Social Sciences Week for Schools

Get involved!

The Social Sciences have shaped our nation. Social Sciences Week is an opportunity for schools and students to hear from Australia’s leading experts on issues which help us understand humanity, society and the institutions which govern our daily lives.

There are a variety of ways that your school and community can be involved in Social Sciences Week. This may include displaying posters in your classroom or library, registering your class for a free event such as a webinar or film screening or listening to a podcast!

Great Debate kit

This year for the first time The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia is offering a free downloadable SSW2023 Debate Kit to support you and your class host your very own Great Debate. There is sure to be feverish discussion and impassioned arguments as your students debate the question ‘Does sport unite or divide us?’

Download the kit here.

Webinar: Social Science is Everywhere

The social sciences impact how we live our daily lives, as well as how our society functions. Watch this webinar on-demand to gain an understanding of how the social sciences help us to study, analyse and solve society’s most compelling challenges.

Designed specifically for Australian secondary students in years 9-12, the webinar is hosted by the President of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, Professor Richard Holden.

Check out our infographic below for inspiration on how your school can get involved in Social Sciences Week.

An A-Z of Social Science Careers

Discover the endless possibilities of a social science degree with ‘An A-Z of Social Science Careers’. Designed for students and teachers, this handy poster is packed with a variety of career examples, one for each letter of the alphabet, and showcases the wide range of potential paths a social science degree can lead to.

Download the poster here.

Request a speaker

Teachers and schools can request a speaker to visit their school during Social Sciences Week 2021. Simply fill in the form below including your location and suitable times in the message box or email