About Social Sciences Week


Social Sciences Week is an annual event that celebrates and showcases the diverse range of social sciences disciplines and research in Australia. It provides a platform for researchers, academics and practitioners to engage with the broader community and raise awareness of the significant impact that social sciences research has on society.

During Social Sciences Week, a range of events and activities are held across the country, including seminars, public lectures, workshops and panel discussions. These events cover a broad range of topics and themes, from politics and economics to sociology and psychology and are designed to spark meaningful conversations and debates about key social issues.

Overall, Social Sciences Week aims to highlight the value and importance of social sciences research and its contribution to understanding and addressing complex social challenges in Australia and beyond.



In September 2023 we celebrated the sixth Social Sciences Week. The event began as a way of introducing the wider public to the Social Sciences and uniting speakers from the breadth of disciplines covered by the Social Sciences. Founder Professor Dan Woodman continues to be a champion of the social sciences and was the spokesperson for the 2023 program.

Each year Social Sciences Week has grown and Social Sciences Week 2023 (SSW2023) was no different. Over 89 events were held around Australia from 4 to 10 September. It was exciting to see a mix of face-to-face, live-streamed and available-on-demand events for SSW2023.

Social Sciences Week 2023 created a buzz on Twitter and the sponsor RMIT’s events during the week expanded the public event offering with Social Sciences After Dark, film screenings and more.

Did you miss #SSW2023? A number of the event recordings and downloadable papers are available on the Social Sciences Week website.


We expect Social Sciences Week to grow again in 2024 with a combination of in-person, online and hybrid events. Be part of it. Keep the dates available—9-15 September 2024—and sign up here to stay in touch about developments for #SSW2024.