A Night with the Outer Sanctum: Inside the Group Chat

Swinburne Sport Innovation Research Group

The Swinburne Sport Innovation Research Group invites you to get “inside the group chat” of the award-winning podcast The Outer Sanctum and find out how they engage with the big ideas and challenging problems in sport and beyond each week. The Outer Sanctum is best described as AFLM and AFLW chat done differently with an all-women podcast featuring ten passionate footy fans. The team discuss and unpack Aussie Rules and other sports stories from the outer with a consciously feminist and inclusive lens. The team consists of: Emma Race Shelley Ware Rana Hussain Lucy Race Alicia Sometimes Nicole Hayes Tess Armstrong Kate Seear Julia Chiera Felicity Race The Outer Sanctum is a place for football stories and passionate footy voices we don't usually get to hear, and it is this focus on inclusion and intersectionality that will frame the conversation for this live event. The Swinburne Sport Innovation Research Group – led by Dr Kasey Symons – will provide insight on how podcasts such as The Outer Sanctum are changing the way we hear about, discuss and consume sport media. Kasey’s research has found that alternative and independent sports media platforms create custom content that reflects a diversity of voices and representation of athletes, sports and issues […]