Learning in a bomb shelter, or how teachers in Ukraine interact with their students in times of war: A series of interviews


Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

I am Olha Maksymenko, a Ukrainian sociologist. I am doing some research into the environmental attitudes of primary, secondary and high school students from Ukraine. To put it more precisely, I had been carrying out that research for a couple of months when we found ourselves in a war. At the moment, I am interviewing those who carry on teaching despite the war. Besides, I am collecting and analysing drawings made by Ukrainian children who have unexpectedly become the eyewitnesses of this war. I am going to present some excerpts from these interviews to the audience and show the children's drawings. Most of these drawings have been submitted for the contest titled “How children see the 2022 war”. The contest was launched by “Vseosvita”, a national educational company, in early March.