You, Me, and the Pale Blue Dot: Climate Politics in Australia and at the Global Level

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Have you ever wondered what is the real connection between you – an individual – and global climate change? You are not alone. As students, educators, office managers, researchers, lab specialists, and other workers, it is common to be confused about often complicated climate-related policy language, science, geo-engineering, and various movements, even when we are committed to the green lifestyle and environmental values. If you often wonder what the connection is between the individual and global and how can we interpret and understand often convoluted climate-related language, science, and policy, join us for a roundtable on September 6th. We will discuss climate policymaking and politics in Australia and beyond and, more importantly, the panelists will share their personal experiences and reflections on the role of ordinary individuals and the global picture of climate change. In the indefinite universe, the “pale blue dot” might seem to be of no particular interest, but as Carl Sagan said: “for us, it is different; It is us. It is home.”

Date: Wednesday 6 September
Time: 11am-12pm
Format: Hybrid
Venue: Law Theatre G02

Dr Dhanasree Jayaram, Manipal Department of Geopolitics and International Relations
Saniya Karimova, UNSW Alumna, Master of Development Studies
Dr Deborah Barros Leal Farias, UNSW School of Social Sciences
Professor Elizabeth Thurbon, UNSW School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor Fengshi Wu, UNSW School of Social Sciences

This event is hosted by the School of Social Sciences, UNSW.

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