Society 5.0 Ethics: The Future of Digital Disruptions

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In this interactive plenary panel, internationally-recognised RMIT experts present a set of provocations around near-future challenges and opportunities based on the converging impacts of continuous digital disruptions. What should societies look like in 2050? How can we get ahead of the curve when it comes to ethical problems around new tech? How can we be sure emerging technologies serve us as humans rather than the other way around? What focus is needed to centralize social concerns in the push for continuous technological development?

Join us for this exciting and provocative discussion to launch RMIT’s Society 5.0 Ethics Initiative, in conjunction with Social Science Week 2023.

This is an RMIT Engaging for Impact event and is supported by the RMIT Enabling Impact Platforms, College of Design and Social Context, College of Business and Law, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.


Professor Annette Markham

Co-initiator and lead

RMIT Professor, Global digital culture and ethics expert

Professor Lisa Given

Co-initiator and lead

RMIT Professor, Global information science and ethics expert

Professor Jason Potts


RMIT Professor, blockchain and web3 futures expert

Professor Julian Thomas


RMIT Professor, AI and decision-making expert

Professor Karin Verspoor


RMIT Professor, Machine learning in health expert

Society 5.0 is a broad label for the near-future, inseparable interconnection between humans and technologies in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is characterised by ever-increasing data gathering, ubiquitous predictive analytics, AI-saturated systems, and immersive internet.

Without a global consensus around the principles of technology best practices and governance, we will continue to face ongoing challenges brought about by data breaches, misinformation, rampant data surveillance, personal data risks.

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