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The First 100 Days: Politics, Policy and Reform Under the Albanese Government


It is with a warm welcome that we invite you to this online forum with Q&A: Paul Keating famously proclaimed that ‘When you change the government, you change the country’. What do the first 100 days of the Albanese Government tell us about the change it wants and how it will try to achieve that change? What are the barriers to the changes that it clearly wants, such as constitutional reform to introduce a Voice to Parliament? What do the experiences of past federal Labor governments tell us about likely successes and failures of the Albanese Government? Professor Rodney Smith chairs a panel discussion by experts from the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney, who will discuss what the first 100 days of the Albanese Government tell us about its ambitions and the key actors, institutions and forces that will help and hinder it achieving them. Presenters (all from the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney): Professor Rodney Smith (Moderator) Professor Anika Gauja (Labor and the Greens: The Party Dynamics of Reform) Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill (Women, Income and Work) Associate Professor Lynne Chester (Energy and Environmental Policies) Associate Professor Anna Boucher […]


Two to tango: Language as a gateway to championing diversity

Harvard-trained lawyer Vernā Myers has famously stated that “if diversity is getting invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance”. What role does language play in getting invited to the dance floor? Join Dr Celeste Rodriguez Louro, Director of UWA’s Language Lab, to discuss how language, the ultimate social glue, can help you become a diversity champion. Learn about new gender pronouns in English, cross-cultural differences in communication, and how your accent may be stopping you from getting what you want. We can create safer places by understanding how language shapes our lives. But it does take two to tango.