SSW2021 On-Demand

Missed some of our SSW2021 Events?


Catch up on hours of informative and engaging content on demand! We’ve collected all available recordings of SSW2021 events and compiled them below.




Women’s economic wellbeing in older age


The Future of Justice


Opening the Counselling Room Door: The Promise of Outdoor Therapies


On Consent

Intersections Between Law and Social Sciences


Creative Destruction – Economist Philippe Aghion in conversation with Richard Holden


Post-Capitalist Visions of Quality of Life, with Ariel Salleh, Noam Chomsky & Gar Alperovitz

Youth and Experiences of Debt

The Role of Multicultural and Settlement Services in Supporting Women Experiencing Violence


The COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Science Perspectives

Introducing the Catalyst 2030 Social Entrepreneurial Scholar–Practitioner Group

Where to from here? 8 things you need to know about the COVID-19 economy


Housing affordability: is the great Australian dream out of reach for today’s young?

Sociology and Disability Justice: Transforming our World

In conversation with 2020 CHASS Prize Winner Robyn Gulliver


Examining the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on gender-based violence in Australia, the Indo-Pacific region and the United Kingdom

Supporting Businesses of the Future, Today: The role of social science

Youth Futures: Civic participation, social justice, and COVID-19


The Next Frontier: Wilderness Therapy and the Treatment of Complex Trauma

How Can Adventure Therapy Techniques Help Prevent Behavioural Health Challenges?

Youth Futures: Civic participation, social justice, and COVID-19


Issues of Social Justice in 2021: Elder Abuse – How Can We Combat This Seldom-Discussed Tragedy?

Issues of Social Justice in 2021: When is it Reasonable Doubt? – The Case of Kathleen Folbigg


Implications of 9/11 – 20 Years On

SICS Radio: Banned Books and the Role of Libraries