Clear your diary: Social Sciences Week 2023 is coming

22 June 2023 | General News

Attention, social science enthusiasts! Get ready to mark your calendars and make room in your schedule because the highly anticipated Social Sciences Week (SSW) 2023 is rapidly approaching.

From 4-10 September, a captivating array of events spanning every discipline within the social sciences will take centre stage at schools, universities, and organisations nationwide. Whether you have a passion for history or law, linguistics or politics, anthropology or Indigenous studies, prepare to be captivated by a diverse lineup of activities that will stimulate your curiosity and ignite profound reflections on the intricate workings of our world.

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Get ready for an exciting addition to this year’s Social Sciences Week! Brace yourself as we venture beyond the traditional settings and immerse ourselves in the wider community with the thrilling inaugural Great Debate. Presented by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia in partnership with the National Library of Australia and supported by Synergy, this ticketed event is set to ignite intellectual fireworks. Join us as we witness a clash of brilliant minds when The Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP and Emeritus Professor David Rowe take the stage, passionately debating the question: Does sport unite or divide us? Prepare to be captivated by their insightful arguments, as they shed light on this topic and challenge our perceptions.

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