Beyond Academia: A guide to Social Sciences Week for the amateur enthusiast

24 August 2022 | News

Think Social Sciences Week is just for the academics? Think again! There are plenty of events scheduled for the casual dabbler in the social sciences. Check out our round-up of interesting, accessible events that will appeal to anyone with an interest in who we were, who we are and who we will be.

For the householder:

Whether you live alone or with others, this event will appeal to the armchair enthusiast!   

How would you build a home, plant a garden, drink coffee and care for pets in ways that benefit, rather than diminish our wonderful natural heritage? ICON Science will present research from RMIT University that focuses on prioritising, communicating and designing biodiversity-positive actions that we can all engage with everyday. Learn from researchers about the choices you can make to have a positive impact.

For the tech enthusiast:

If your social life revolves around your socials, this event will be clicking all the right buttons. Listen to representatives from major social media platforms, international dating apps and the Australian eSafety Commission shine light on what advances digital companies and the government are taking to address technology-facilitated abuse. This in-person panel in Melbourne on 8 September from 4-6:15pm will allow dialogue between panellists and members of the public on themes of digital technology. 

For the sports fan:

Get amongst it with the Swinburne Sport Innovation Research Group and discover how diverse voices are changing the conversation in the world of sport. The Outer Sanctum podcast has worked to increase the visibility and profile of marginalised and underrepresented voices discussing football in new ways. Attend in person or online.

For the avid reader:

Did somebody say “free books”? Tune in to radio station 2CME to find out how Street Libraries are offering communities an alternative and sustainable venue for finding and reusing books and supporting literacy at the ground (or street) level. Dr Peter John Chen and Nic Lowe discuss street libraries, social capital and the gift economy in this special Social Sciences Week broadcast.

You certainly don’t have to be a research scholar to find something to appeal this Social Sciences Week.  To find out more about the events on offer, visit our Events page here.