RMIT joins SSW2022 as a Gold Sponsor

23 August 2022 | News

We are thrilled to welcome RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research, Urban Futures Enabling Capability Platforms and Social Change Enabling Capability Platform as a sponsor for Social Sciences Week 2022. In support of the week, they are offering some incredibly exciting events for the week, focused on research that informs how cities can be more equitable, sustainable and accountable by providing integrated planning and design solutions for rapid population growth and urbanisation. 

With online and in-person events, these sessions look at how social sciences help us make sense of an uncertain future. How to live in a way that encourages biodiversity, how to understand climate change and the social responses to it, how to consider energy and transport transitions, and how social sciences can contribute to social change are just some of the themes considered by the expert panels. 

Learn from researchers about the choices you can make to have a positive impact, how the social sciences have responded to climate change and what could and should they be doing and examine the social dimensions of the transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. 

To view and register for any of the RMIT events during Social Sciences Week 2022 click here.