Secondary students: this event is for you! 

22 August 2022 | News

Did you know that the social sciences are key to helping us understand and address some of humanity’s biggest challenges?  

They shape how our society functions, and focus on big issues like:  

How do we want to live?  

How can we learn from the past, and from each other?  

How we can work together for a sustainable future? 

In an engaging, free webinar designed specifically for Australian secondary students in years 9-12, you’ll hear from the President of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, Professor Richard Holden, about the impact the social sciences have on our daily lives, and the way they shape how our society functions. 

Richard is Professor of Economics at the UNSW Business School. He is just one of millions of social scientists and social science graduates in Australia who work across society, politics and culture, in business and economics, in history, philosophy and law and in education, psychology and healthcare. 

An engaging speaker, Richard’s research and opinion pieces have been featured in The New York Times, the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and more. 

The webinar is perfect to watch in class if timing allows – there’ll be a 30 min Q&A with Richard after the main talk.  

Don’t forget: you need to register if you’d like to receive the recorded version to play later!