It’s the issue event organisers across the world are battling with: how to run a major event in a time of social distancing and forbidden gatherings?

When the Social Sciences Week organising committee met recently, the answer was clear: go digital.

Now, more than ever, people need the social sciences to help them understand the world around us. That’s why, as we enter the event’s third year, we have added an overarching theme to Social Sciences Week: The social sciences in times of crisis.

Experts in the many disciplines of the Social Sciences can help us understand and deal with the COVID-19 crisis in a way not many can. While not all talks and events will be addressing crises (we are still wide open for all social science themed events), many will, offering Australians the chance to learn from their lounge room and leave the week understanding how crises (both COVID-19 and others) impact our daily lives and the systems within them.
Whatever the topic, audiences can expect to tune into some of Australia’s best minds speaking on everything from mental health, parenting, law, psychology, business and the bread of disciplines our field encompasses.

Going virtual with our events also opens up Social Sciences Week for our audiences. For the first year, WA residents won’t have to trek 3900 kilometres to hear an excellent talk held in Sydney, and Melbournites will simply be able to log on to hear an expert from Queensland speak. We’ve upgraded our website to make it easier for you to find topics you are interested in and we will be adding a few surprise elements to the Week as it gets closer. Stay tuned!

As a result, Social Sciences Week 2020 will be bigger, better and, like everything in 2020, different to what you’ve seen previously.

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5 - 11 September 2022