Symposium: Climate Change, Regional Work & Organisational Resilience

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The Implications of Climate Change for Regional Work and Organisational Resilience Symposium is an up-close and practical look at how our climate is changing and the substantial implications for our regions in relation to human wellbeing, organisations and communities, physical work, exercise and heat stress.

Join us at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga to hear more about, and discuss these issues with a leading climatologist, thermal physiologists working closely with industry and sport, social scientists, and other regional researchers and organisation representatives.

Topics to be discussed in the interactive panel sessions and workshops comprising the Symposium include:

  • Findings of new cutting-edge research conducted to forecast the impacts of climate change, across Australia’s regions, on ambient conditions, and on heat stress, injury risk, and recovery from heat exposure in physically-demanding roles and activities
  • Current concerns and responses of industry, communities and sporting organisations in regional Australia
  • Evolving strategies for managing heat strain, injury risk and wellbeing in those most affected
  • Approaches to supporting organisational and community resilience and productivity in this changing regional climate context
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